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About The Show | Time Machine Guitar

About The Show

Meet Ralph

Ralph Covert is a time traveler. He’s met Ben Franklin, Beethoven, and Bach. You should see his Mileage Plus status! He is also the singer, songwriter and creator of the family music rock group Ralph’s World. His album “Green Gorilla, Monster and Me” was nominated for Best Musical Album for Children at the 48th Grammy Awards. And he lives in a treehouse TV set with three puppets.

Meet Beauregard

He’s part Portuguese water dog. He works the sound booth. He likes hats. Who doesn’t? Beauregard would like to be a drummer in an indie rock band, but he has no thumbs. When he isn’t shooting videos with Ralph, he enjoys bonsai trees, macramé and Venetian glass blowing.

Meet Malcolm

Malcolm is a psychic cat. He can see into your soul. And what he sees there makes him nervous. If you needed a ride to the airport, you could call on Malcolm … except he’s seven-years-old, and a cat, and doesn’t drive. Malcolm keeps the show on time. He also makes a mean espresso.

Meet Rani

Rani can fix just about anything. Hence the toolbelt. She often dances when she thinks nobody is watching. Hence the tutu. And she hordes acorns for the lean winter months. Hence the big, bushy tail. She does all the camera work. When she isn’t filming Ralph’s World, she works on documentaries about Latin American root farming.

How Does Time Travel Work?

Frankly, we’re not really sure. But it’s totally helpful when you have a tough problem to crack, to zip back in time and ask Columbus for directions to India. Educational, to say the least. Ralph’s tricked-out guitar gets you there and back, with a fair share of singing, dancing and participatory fun. Don’t worry about the brontosaurus. It only eats plants.

What’s The Wheel of Shenanigans?

Call it the spirit of spontaneity. Ralph has this crazy side-show wheel that sends him random places. Crash a Birthday Party. Picture this Song. Treehouse Orchestra. Mystery Trip. Yeah, it can get strange. Strange, but fun. Ralph gets a little nervous whenever they truck the thing out. The “transporter” effect can make him ticklish.

What is Playtricity?

Playtricity is the frenetic energy, generated by participatory fun, that runs things in Ralph’s TV set treehouse. It powers time travel and the Wheel of Shenanigans. And that takes a whole lot of juice. So, for the sake the show, please get off your keister and dance until your mom makes you stop.

Meet Some of the Magic Makers

Puppeteer: Pam Arciero

Pam is a principal puppeteer with Sesame Street, performing numerous characters, most notably Grundgetta Grouch and Leona Lion. She has worked on Blue’s Clues, Blue’s Room, Chappell’s Show, Allegra’s Window, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, TV Funhouse, Oobi, Eureeka’s Castle and The Great Space Coaster.

Puppeteer: Jim Kroupa

Jim is a master puppeteer, puppet builder and mechanism genius who has worked on Sesame Street, The Muppets Take Manhattan and Muppets in Space. He’s a co-owner of 3/Design Studio, which has built puppets for shows such as Eureeka’s Castle, Between the Lions and The Great Space Coaster. He has also worked with Woody Allen.

Puppeteer: Brodrick “Jigsaw” Jones

An aficionado of comics, puppetry and accordion music, Ben assumed he’d work for Jim Henson when he grew up. Ben missed out on the Henson experience, so he created “Jigsaw,” a puppet web series featuring Lump, Doktor Kranium and Milton the robot.

Sets: Helen Williams Ward

Illustrator, set designer, visionary – her credits include work on such erudite projects
ranging from the HBO series John Adams … to Elmo in Grouchland and Muppets from Space …
to Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Animation: Jonah Tobias

Jonah spends much of his time animating music videos for Dave Matthews Band, Tim McGraw,
Jay-Z and the Beach Boys. His work has also been featured in the documentary Super Size Me,
TED Talks and Jean-michel Cousteau’s Ocean Adventures.

Director & Cinematographer: Eric Hurt

Eric has both helmed and contributed to dozens of feature films, television, commercial and music video projects such as The Parking Lot Movie, Anchor Man, The OC, Alias and Tim McGraw concerts.  As writer/director, Eric recently completed his fifth feature film.

Supervising Producer: Mark Cowen

The late Mark Cowen produced, directed and written Television Specials for HBO, A&E, ABC, NBC, CBS,
FOX and the BBC and worked on projects with such film luminaries as Steven Spielberg,
Sydney Pollack, Ron Howard and Steven Soderberg. We are honored to have had him work with us. He will be missed.

Line Producer: Jack Steinberg

Jack’s AD credits include the HBO series John Adams and Six Feet Under. His feature films
include Starsky & Hutch, The Last Samurai and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Producer/Casting: Erica Arvold

Erica’s feature film credits include Lincoln, Charlotte’s Web and The Horse Whisperer. She also
worked on the TV series Wings, Frasier and Almost Perfect.


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